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How to Take a Screenshot on a Smartphone

More than likely, you have wanted to take a screenshot of your phone. Your friend might have sent you a hilarious typo in a text message, your phones screens, layouts, menus, icons and wallpapers are so highly customized that you must show the world, or maybe you just want to take a snapshot of your favorite games high score. There are other, more practical uses for Smartphone screenshots, like snapping pictures of an app that you are currently reviewing, or recording a step by step picture tutorial for someone. Though taking a screenshot can be a complicated task on some phones, here are some ways to snap pictures of various phone screens.

iOS Phones

Whether you have the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4, or the latest and greatest 4S, taking a screenshot on any of these Apple devices is going to be easier than all of the other phones out there. All you have to do is press and hold the Home button (the button on the bottom of the phones front) and while you are still holding that button, quickly press and release the Sleep button that is located on the top of the phone, towards the right, that you always use to shut the screen off and make the phone enter Sleep mode. After you do these two steps, the phones screen should flash a white color for a brief moment, and if your volume is up you may hear the sound of a camera shutter. This indicates that you have successfully taken a screenshot of your iPhone! To view the screenshot, simply go into your Camera Roll image gallery, and it should be the newest addition to your pictures.

A quick note for users who have the iPhone 4S, specifically: Apples virtual assistant, Siri, is summoned by pressing and holding the Home button, so if you accidentally call up Siri while attempting to take a screenshot, just wait a little longer until Siri stops talking and then press the Sleep button, as usual.

Windows 7 Phones

We will mention taking screenshots on a Windows 7 based phone only briefly, because for now, screenshots on these phones are not practical for anyone besides app developers who want to take certain screenshots of their apps to post in the marketplace. If you do plan on taking a Windows 7 Smartphone screenshot, you will need a Windows 7 phone that has been developer unlocked, a computer running Windows Vista or 7, and a fresh installation on your PC of an application called WP7 Screen Recorder, which can be found on the Softpedia website.

windows 7 phones screenshot How to Take a Screenshot on a Smartphone

Once you have all of the above, install the attached .xap file on your Windows 7 phone, find your PC on the home network, and run the WP7 Screen Recorded application found in the downloaded zip folder. Once you do that, you can navigate your phone to whatever screen you would like, and take a picture in the PC application once you are satisfied with how the screenshot will look. If you find that the Wifi connection may be too slow for practical use, connect your phone to your Windows PC through a USB cable instead for a much faster connection and an overall increase in speed and performance.

Android Devices Running 2.X

If you have a phone running Android version 2.2 (Froyo) or 2.3 (Gingerbread), taking screenshots wont be easy for you, either. Unless your phone is rooted (we will get to that in a bit!), there is only one way to take a screenshot of yourAndroid phone.

First, you will need to download the Android SDK from the website developer.android.com and install it on your PC or Mac. Make sure you have the latest version, and install the latest version of Java Run Time Environment as well, if you dont already have it updated.

Android Devices Running 2.X screenshot How to Take a Screenshot on a Smartphone

Once you have the Android SDK installed on your computer system, plug your phone directly into the computer through a USB port. On your computer, navigate to the SDK folder, and search for a folder named tools that you must click on. Inside the tools folder, double click on the icon that says either ddms or ddms.bat. A program will come up, and on the right hand side of the window you should see your devices name. Click on your device name, and then navigate to the top menu, where you should see an option that says Device. When you click it, a submenu will appear, with the first option being Screen Capture.

After you click on the Screen Capture button, you will see a copy of your phones screen. From here, simply grab your phone, get the screen set up however you want for the screenshot, and then click on the refresh button on the Screen Capture window. Your phones screen should now be updated to whatever is on your phone currently, and if you are happy with the results, just click save and choose a destination to save the file.

If you have a rooted Android phone running at least version 2.2, you have it much, much easier than your unrooted peers. All you have to do is download an app called ShootMe (Screen Grabber). Unfortunately, it was recently taken off the official Android Market, but with some quick searching you can easily find it online! Once you have the app installed, just run it and follow the onscreen instructions. All you need to do to take a screenshot of your phone is shake your phone, and you will hear a cameras shutter sound which means that a snapshot has been taken and saved to your gallery. Easy!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0 How to Take a Screenshot on a Smartphone

If you are one of the lucky owners of the powerful, brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you will be treated with a screenshot taking experience rivaling that of the iOS devices! Because it runs Ice Cream Sandwich, which is Android version 4.0, you have access to a host of new features unique to this operating system, one of which is a very simple way to take screenshots. Just like the iPhone, once you find the right moment you want to capture on your phone’s screen, just press and hold down both the Power button and the Volume Down key, and after a few short moments you will see the screen flash white briefly, and a copy of the screenshot will then appear on screen before sliding into your notification bar. If you go into gallery, the screenshot you just took will be waiting for you.

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