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Super-Fast Recorder

Are you wondering how to save audio files from the internet, or are you looking for a voice recorder for Mac. You no more have to search as the Movavi Screen Capture will provide you with all that you need. It provides with one of the finest AUDIO and video recording software that will help you capture all types of files. The interface is so simple that just in few simple steps you will be able to get started. The programs provided by Movavi are undoubtedly amazing and the other USP is the user friendly instruction that they provide along with it.

2 1 Super Fast Recorder

Here are some easy instructions that will help you get a brief about what needs to be done.

  • Download and install: follow the general Mac operating software instructions to install the recording software. In just a few minutes the software will get installed. Once the installation is complete your recorder is ready to do its job.
  • Recording parameters: once you open the program you will see that there are two large icons on the program window which are marked in green, one of them is the speakers and the other is the microphone. These are nothing but the input and output devices from where the sound will get recorded. This feature is the most useful when you have to capture your Skype calls and video conferences. However, you can choose the device from the list that is there. There is also an option of choosing either of the devices by simply turning off the other one by clicking on it.
  • Capture area: if your idea of recording is not just limited to audio but you are also planning to make a video clip then you need to do little more alterations. You can adjust the frame on the screen to fit the size of your future video and drag it to an appropriate place. You could also choose any one of the standard sizes that are available in Select Capture Area.
  • Record: once all of the above has been adjusted you just have to begin recording. Click on REC and the recording shall go on until you click STOP. Once the entire recording has been completed you can preview the video clip in the preview window by clicking PLAY.
  • Save: you will find most of the popular formats and presets in the list of formats in which you can choose save. There is an extensive list of formats and supported media formats and even presets for particular devices for optimizing your clips. Once you have chosen the desired format save the file and the transferring will be over in sometime.

You now know how you can record audio and video on your Mac without professional help and explore new things.

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