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Seo Consultancy – Typosquatters Get The Boot

Typosquatters Get The Boot

seo Typosquatters Seo Consultancy – Typosquatters Get The BootAll those who work in a Seo Consultancy will be familiar with the term typosquatter and how they prey on those who use the internet and make a mistake with a name, or domain suffix, and suffer as a consequence. But now two typosquatters have felt the long arm of the law and other practitioners of the dark art will have to watch out.

The slightly odd thing about surfing is that a degree of precision is involved. Okay, yes, you can just type in a vague search term in the hope that Google can come up with the answer, or you can click on a book marked site and get there easily, but if you type in a URL, you have to be exactly right.

And few of us are always right. So, okay, we often misspell a URL, or use the wrong suffix, say co.uk, rather than .com. The search engines can sometimes step in and help, but there is no help if someone has definitely created a URL which mimics the spelling mistake.

Lets say you want to visit the website of UKs largest chemist, Boots, and instead of typing in World Wide Web dot boots dot co dot uk, you type in bots. Easily done and for such a well known site such as boots, you know that a percentage of the people typing in the name will make a mistake. Now, at the time of writing, bots dot co dot uk is being held by a domain registry company and is not being used by a typosquatter.

But, you can see how easily its done. You build a clone of Boots and if you’re clever enough, few might not realise they are not on the proper site, or that they are not on an associated site.

Now, some of these typosquatters run crooked operations and use clone sites to trawl for personal or financial data. Others are not crooks, but are disingenuous at best. They do not act crookedly, but nor do they make it easy for people to spot their error. They then entice people to sign up to various ‘shady’ services which often means the unfortunate recipient ends up forking out for stupid texts on their mobile.

But now the authorities are cracking down. And that means Typosquatters are going to have to watch out.

Attribute to: Biljana Dimovska, Cayenne Red.

Biljana  is a member of the digital marketing agency team at Reading based Cayenne Red. She is a regular contributor to the media on how companies market themselves in the digital age.

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